I will try to keep the math to a minimum, but as I said in class, if I am the only one dealing with numbers, you'll all shut off when you see them, instead of using them as tools. I especially want you to have a good grasp of scientific notation, because I will be using it extensively. I will *not* be asking detailed math-type questions on the quizzes or exams, and will try to make clear what math skills might be useful.

A astronomy-oriented units/scientific notation website is found here.

A Scientific Notation reference with practice problems is here

Through a Google search I found a metric system reference that is reasonable (some information is in Appendix A of your textbook): The International System of Units: A guide for teachers, students and professionals

I also found a link that should help you with any Basic Math Anxiety (although I will try to go over in class things that you will need/have not understood). This has sections on both Scientific Notation and the Metric Syste m: Basic Math Concepts and Fundamentals

This link doesn't seem to cover the metric system per se, but has a section on Scientific Notation and another on Ratios under the Algebra section. I didn't come up with the name: Math for Morons Like Us