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Vulture88 ("I'm a developer and currently spend most of my time working on the Microsoft .NET framework...")
Arthur Press
Luckiest Guy You Know ("My wife and I have lived on St. John since 1971 and presently spend about 1/2 year at our...")
George ("I love the idea there is intelligent life out there, while keeping my feet firmly planted...")
Larry Londer ("Male 43 US Virgin Islands Department of Homeland Security")
XVVX ("I don't want to tell me age, I live on the Virgin Islands and I don't have any hobbies.....")
Team Panchot
saieda ("I am a very fuck up bitch that's all u need to know about me")
8a.robert ("one 32 year old programer, personal website is software reviews, also like beer, music and...")
kklose ("Site Tech. For NRAO (National Radio Astronomy Observatatory) In St. Croix - US Virgin...")

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