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Mochuelo ("I am a IT/Business guy who likes cooking and starglazing. Have been with SETI since April...")
Jorge Bernal ("Hi, I´m Jorge Bernal, I´m 45 years old, Computer Engineer and I work for my own company. ...")
JESUS PINEIRO ("I was born in Spain in 1964, but I´m living in Venezuela since 1966. I´m Mechanical...")
Andres_Piñango ("Integrador de Sitemas")
Jerry Zaza ("I am a 43 years old computer engineer currently managing my own company that provides...")
Luis Alfredo Sarabia ("A pesar de todos los esfuerzos que se estan realizando con este proyecto, creo que la...")
David Moreno S. ("My name is David Moreno, I'm 23 years old, I work for several internet projects. I'm...")
Jose M. Ramirez ("I’ve pursued the integration of a research discipline with a highly applicative approach...")
Daga ("Hi all, I am a Pure Mathematician, actually working with computers (who don't), I am from...")
RadioMan ("Venezuela")

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