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Eunice ("I am from Johannesburg, South Africa.")
Riebens ("I am a Software Developer in South Africa and have a dream of still being able to make...")
Brenwin ("Well, I live in Pretoria, South Africa And am totally into Computers and Anime. My clan...")
John Neale ("I am originally from Cape Town in South Africa, but I have lived and worked in Johannesburg...")
Arie Claassens ("Been searching for (intelligent) life since 1999. Whether we find them or not, the...")
Gregg Dolby ("Born 1981, I'm a typical South-African caveman... who happens to be into Sci-Fi and aliens....")
vortex ("Howzit, I am a computer engineer in south africa and most of my time is spent at Seti@home....")
Alastair Pearson ("I am a South African and proud of it. I build Web sites and Kiosks for a living. I am a...")
Kamut ("I live in South Africa. There is intelligent life on earth, but I'm just visiting...")
haydn ("I am a 37 year old married South African male with 3 children. I am a director of a...")

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