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AntiC ("I'm running AMD TB1700 @3000 ,RADEON 9500pro@9700pro ,80GB WD 7200rpm,512MB DDR PC3500...")
Stum ("I'm from Slovenia, a small country with lots of Aliens living here. Aliens like me!")
Ernest ("I'm come from Internet. I like to create other entities besides myself. I also like giving...")
MiroK ("Working at the Ministry of information society. Has a few CPU cycles to share, so I...")
Mare ("I just want to help you and that is it")
RawinceR ("Male/22years/Slovenia Athlon 1.4GHz, 512 DDRam, Gigabyte GA-7VAXP. Best time: 4:08:42.")
tanjan ("Hello! My name is Tanja Kalan, and I`m from Slovenia. I like horses, sun, moon and entire...")
Tariel ("I am a student of compuer science from Slovenia.")
lacen ("bla bla bla")
Dule ("Slovenija, Ormoz.")

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