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Seeker2000 ("There is too much to tell and I'm not good at summarizing the 'essence' in few...")
Branko_BM ("Hi! I'm from Slovenia (very nice country)! I use ABIT KG-7 RAID and AMD THUNDERBIRD...")
kbrezovnik ("I'm from Slovenia and I'm a translator. My hobbies are reading, swimming, skiing and...")
(CY)BORG ("=P")
Surok ("I'm a sixteen year old boy from a little country in the middle of Europe called Slovenia....")
Rok Kozelj ("I'm a 24 year old student in political science.I live in Italy (Turin), but I'm Slovenian.I...")
JocHaan ("I'am interested in aliens and space. Just helping to find ...")
WAR-DOG ("WAR-DOG power! ")
Iztok Miklavèiè ("Hi everyone! i am Iztok from Slovenia and I am 18 yo. I hope we will soon find another...")
Andrej Ravnikar (".")

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