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AviX ("I'm seeking for the perfect alien woman....")
Daki ("My whole life I Was a bit of a dreamer. I hope someday we'll see scenes from the movie...")
Paraglider ("I'm in computer business since 1988. My hobby and passion is paragliding.")
Pibi from Siol ("Slovenian by birth, IT specialist from 1973 (yes, RPG,COBOL,...) born 1950 on Halloween...")
Rafael ("")
Roks (" I'm 18 years old and i come from Slovenia. I live in a city named Maribor, where I...")
xenon74 ("I'm from Slovenia. Nuff said")
JanezK ("I'm 25 and I'm from Slovenia!")
Hudl ("I'm down to one computer now... 1GHz P3 FreeBSD box running 24/7. Let's see what it can...")
Coderock & Luka & & Lesy & Dj. Gregi ("Drunken MIZNAR je glasn sofer, ki se ravo uci delati v Slackware Linuxih.. Drunken HULF --...")

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