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McBlack ("Hi! I'm a history and geography student from Slovenia and I'd like to help finding any sign...")
stealth ("no info...")
MaVRiK ("I'm from eastern Slovenia, i'm 15 years old and I like astronomy (except for freezing in...")
Andrej4me ("")
BC ("abc")
teddy ("My name is George. I love bullterriers. I love stars. ps: I`m not stupid just not...")
rakunow ("I'am Wladimir Koren "Rakunow", i'am from Slovenia, Ljubljana. My age is 15, i'am a student...")
gregav ("GregaV")
Hoornet ("I'm a Thelemite, Magickian, software programmer and A Person. ")
T'Pel ("Well i'm a 25 year old student from the tiny country of Slovenia. I work part time as a...")

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