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terrance_teoh ("here ET, ET, ET, ET ... ;P")
fruitcake ("17 year old female from Singapore.")
HEConquer ("I'm a kid form Singapor who loves the space and science.")
G00dEgg ("My Name is Francis Lim. I had been staying in this Mother Earth for 18 years since 1983....")
diX_iE ("Loner.")
Simon Sim ("Name: Simon Sim Sex: Male Age: 39 Location: Singapore Occupation: Company...")
purplecorner ("I was born in Myanmar(Burma), 24 yrs old. I worked as a programmer before I came to study...")
boredboy ("bOrEdBoY LoVeS bOrEdGeR")
Bernard SG ("I'm 24 this year, from Singapore. Currently, working in a System Integration company.")
klan ("Me? I consider myself a curious entity that like explore every possible interesting things...")

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