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XtE ("Geek who wants to first-hand information of extra terrestrial (E.T) contacts.")
lekguan ("I am a student, currently 14, from Singapore. I love science and believe in science fully....")
Jamie ("From Singapore")
Lester Tang ("A singaporean teenager who shows strong interest in SETI projects and Astronomy. Attended a...")
Fantasy ("Singaporean")
ET ("Hi! My initials really are E.T. and my middle name's Ariel. And guess what!? Altho I...")
AthlonXP ("This project is very interesting. It'll be good if I could contribute as far as my ability....")
antloh ("A Technical Consulting Manager from Singapore, energetic, creative, idealistic but very...")
hanoman ("Hi, I am Indonesian. Hoping that someday my comp will be the one that find the ET signal :)")

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