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Christopher Heng (""Hi everybody. I'm from Singapore and I work for the Government/Military. I'm now having...")
Citetok ("Race: Chinese Sex: Male Faith: Buddhism Likes: Music, Movies and Money ;p Dislikes: Ants,...")
Dinesh Sanikere C ("I'm just another backyard astronomer looking out into the nite sky, and enjoying the...")
John_CYK ("Name9999:9Chan Yong Kwee Address999:9BLK 22 Haig Road 99999#01-10 Singapore...")
symbian ("Existance is futile.")
Nivetha ("Student at NUS")
Express76 ("Well I'm from Singapore, I'm a web designer and I enjoy listening to music, playing...")
Astropup ("Trekkie in Singapore waiting for Vulcans to whizz him off into the unknown out there :)")
D1abol1ty ("me from singapore, 18 yrs old, student like to surfing net, reading, exercise")

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