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Lynne ("Female.English.52.")
dreamaway ("Born in 1977,Singapore - I'm a "Technology Freak" who wans every single part of the...")
se7en ("My real name is Tan, Ing How. I am of Chinese descent, born and bred in Singapore. I just...")
Wong Kee Wee ("Currently a computing undergrad in the National University of Singapore.")
Wolfdancer ("I'm a 34 year old speech user interface consultant and psychology lecturer from Singapore...")
Shibashish Roy ("Hi, I am student of IIT Kharagpur, The premier technology institute in india. I am all of...")
Daniel ("A Singaporean chinese aged 27. Currently working in the customer service industry. Enjoys...")
nwp ("21 Form Singapore")
Ziaur Rahman ("Hey guys, I love working with this dumb machine called 'computer' :). Everyday, I get...")
Zel ("male human 16 earth years old located in singapore of continent asia")

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