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MC & Tree ("Hmmm... I hope there exists someone like us in the cosmos. But any way I can have a cool...")
robeteLLa ("Name:Goh Kim Han Birthdate:11/05/84 ")
Linlay Lee ("Uni student ... trying to make my comp useful to humanity :p")
Arrol ("hmm,juz a 17 year old guy over here frm Singapore...i feel great to participate into this...")
Terence Chua ("I'm a long-time science and science-fiction enthusiast, and have been interested in SETI...")
thetno ("A post O'lvl Student from Singapore with great interest in Physics and...")
Taufiq ("I'm from Singapore,a student studying Electrical Engineering,likes metal...")
^666^ ("Revelation 13:18 This calls for wisdom: let him who has understanding reckon the number...")
Ken Smith ("51 Years Young Male. Originally UK, Now a Baby Kiwi. Home in Auckland NZ. Working as a...")
Spartan ("Hi! I'm 30, from Singapore and I'm nuts about computers and computer games. So you...")

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