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Xelium ("I'm from the planet Xeliumia terryius, sector ZZ plura 2 alpha ")
xvirus ("30yr old guy, working as an IT support cum web application developer. Making use of spare...")
Puvan ("Me name is Puvan, Singaporean male aged 17 as of June 3rd. Am a student of Singapore...")
Taka John Brunkhorst ("Well I havent got much to say. I just proud to be linux user and Anti-Microsoft. use...")
John Koh ("I like to see star. The universe is very attractive to me.")
bLeU ("Ngee Ann and NUS/BTech alumni (Singapore)")
Matrix ("Hi everybody, I am from Singapore and started participating in BOINC projects in October...")
john wanstall ("I am aa former London scientific journalist working out of Asia for the Guardian...")
Nelson ("I am Nelson Tay from Singapore. I run 3 LAN Gaming Centres and I enjoy watching movies in...")

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