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Nikola&Natasha ("My wife and I are from Serbia.I am 38 and she is 30 year old.I am in computer busines and...")
Marko Rosic (roske :) ("My name is Marko Rosic, and I am a 26 years guy from Belgrade. My main, but not only,...")
biblbroks ("I am a student from Belgrade, in the country of Serbia and Montenegro. This place was also...")
NomadSoulX ("I'am Born 1984 of January the 10th. Now I'am old 18th years. Even I'am young I have many...")
Dario Djurica ("i cant write now.......")
zivac ("Zile zmaj")
Dragan Joksimovic ("I am from Belgrade Yugoslavia, born 1954, male, ...")
jupi ("I have a web site , i from Belgrade,Yugoslavia.I am born in Baghdad.I am...")
Jevrem ("I'm a student from Serbia. I live in small town called Smederevska Palanka.")
Janko ("I am 36 years old engeneer. I am very interesting in space research, because I think that...")

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