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bogik (".")
Kornel ("I'm a 24 years old electrical engineer from Yugoslavia. I live in a medium-sized town in...")
Braja ("I do lots-o-stuff, but my first and only love is web design.")
BRANKKO ("Crunching WUs since I was 16y old. Founder of BOINC@Serbia.")
Vladikof ("I was born before 6980 Earth day cycles. I used to live in Belgrade, Serbia, and read...")
Milan ("Cao svima, rodjen sam u Nisu, Srbija, a ako neko hoce da stupi u kontak sa mnom najbolje je...")
BBoy ("I am a graphics designer in a small design & prepress studio "Art Print". Born in year 1978...")
Joe ("From Jagodina, city of Serbia, Yugoslavia Age 19. Styding photography on...")
InsurrectoR ("OK. I am from Belgrade, Serbia. I was born on march 1982. in Sydney, Australia. I am...")
MC Jova ("I am from a little town called Bela Crkva (White Church, visit I am...")

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