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Johnboy ("Hi all, I'm 28 from Australia working in Saudi Arabia for their Airforce. I used to be...")
Bluejay ("Software engineer, riding the networks, and riding the Harleys...")
Jaheem666 ("I am from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I am 34 and own my own general services business.")
Richard Glass ("Name: Richard Glass Age: 31 Gender: Male Nationality: South African / British...")
Aceouss ("I'm Abdullah Zeini Jefri from Saudi Arabia. I'm a male born on April 28, 1976 and I've been...")
Commtexx UK Ltd ("Born in the midlands in the UK, Educated to degree level. Woking in the IT field at the...")
O&O ("Hi,... I'm Over & Out!")
Nour ("Hi! I'm a 20 years old male student at KFUPM university in Saudi Arabia. I live in the...")
star-doc ("I have been an amateur in astronomy for more than 20 years, my profession being a...")
Thamir Ghaslaan ("Location: Land of Sand. Aka Saudi Arabia. DOB: 31/7/1978 Running Seti@home on 4 networked...")

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