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Ayradd ("-Hobbies: Computers, Computers, Computers, Computers and Computers.... -Occupation:...")
Vanity & Katya ("We live in the UK...but came from the Philippines")
Jhunnie Sarabia ("Im a businessman running a small Internet Cafe in Caloocan City, Philippines. I used to...")
Dave Barstow ("I am an American expat living in The Philippines. I have been involved nearly continuously...")
RMC Russell Vincent ("I am currently retired and residing in Balibago, Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines. ...")
550155 ("I am a computer engineer by training, but do a managing job now. I was born in...")
SOHN -- Clarson C. Fruelda ("-")
zgnrc02 ("I am originally from the Philippines. Currently residing in San Diego California, USA for...")
George De Castro Gutierrez Jr. ("I am a metrologist by profession. Scuba diving, star gazing and astronomy are my hobbies.")
BERNS ("I'm a 30-year old Product Operations Engineer for a software company in Manila. I enjoy...")

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