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Fugldod ("Now living in Colorado, USA.")
steven paton ("Age 45 Database manager reside in Rep. of Panama")
Isaac Snaider ("I live in panama, and i have setiathome like for 2 years now i always liked it. In panama...")
DeMsiTo - Dennis Moreno ("Well, how can I start with this? I'm from Panamá, 25, and love computers. I'm just like...")
defenest ("Administrateur systemes , réseaux, bases de données...")
Henry ("I am 57 years old and work as a computer tech for an e-commerce company in Orlando,...")
Luis Alfonso Garcia ("Hi, I'm from Panamá.I've been interested in this project since I heard of it. I'm 23 years...")
edyuh1(Edwin Valencia) ("Hi Setimaniacs My name is Edwin and I live in Republic of Panama. I'm Mathematic and I...")
Edward Velarde ("I am a Marine Engineer, 30 y/o, and presently working out of my home country, Panama.")
Askadj ("Origin: Panama Age: 25 Occupation: IT consultant Hobbies: Music, Movies, Gaming")

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