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AloneStar ("HELLOMy name is Asif Iqbal , I am 26 Years old male, I work in Microtech Inc (Pvt)Institute...")
rabia ("*~star light star bright ~where the hell is mr right?~*~ The best way to make your...")
Ghouse Mohiuddin ("Hi! I am a 42-year-old journalist from Pakistan. I love Internet ;) and Sci-Fi (Frank...")
usman ("HI ITS ME USMAN ")
H.N.Q ("WeLL, I'm JuSt a 6 fOOted BaG oF BonEs!!!!!! I want to know whether there is life on...")
Laura ("hi!NEHA here i\\\\\\'m only 23yr\\\\\\'s n b/o 26jul..... i\\\\\\'m a teacher,musician...")
NEHA RAJ ("hi!NEHA here i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m only 23yr\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s n b/o...")
faraz ("m faraz i like cars bikes books and so on ")

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