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shahbaz piracha ("i am a young anthusiastic man from pakistan . my name is shahbaz piracha . i study medicine...")
Kashan ("I am from Pakistan, 23, I am a Computer Science student. My hobbies include SCUBA diving,...")
imtiaz ("I am a Biochemist, I am very much intrested to know about any form of life in the space.")
Mahmood Ahmad ("I'm living in Islamabad, Pakistan.")
Muhammad Qasim Shahzad ("My name is Muhammad Qasim Shahzad & i am 23 years old. I am from Karachi,Pakistan. I am...")
MAS ("I am basically a Mechanical Engineer. But changed my field to IT. Now I am working as an...")
Tanvir ("Iam 32 and from Karachi Pakistan. Iam in the field of computers for last 13 years now. I...")
Hammad Rais ("Hi, My name is Hammad Rais and I'm from Karachi Pakistan. I'm 25 (as of 09-29-2005). I'm...")
Asia2001 ("I am a follower of science since my childhood. Although a chartered accountant by...")
Suleman ("aiming for a career in computers........ special interests are...")

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