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Samdani ("Hi, I'm Samdani from Islamabad, Pakistan. I am a SETI enthusiast. I like to read books on...")
Nomaan Sikandar (".")
Faisal Sharif ("I am a computer programmer/analyst currently working at Palmchip Pakistan.")
Khurram Ali ("I live in Karachi, Pakistan. I am 25 Years old. Height 5.4' Black Hair, Black eyes,...")
aala_hazrat ("I am Computer Science student fromKarachi, Pakistan. I am living at my college dorm in...")
mks ("Originally From Karachi, Pakistan, but in capital Islamabad for last 12 years. I am 36...")
Shahi Hasan ("Artist Director Musician")
kami ("Background: I was born in Muzaffarabad (Kashmir) now I live in th Islamabad. I have a MS...")
billo ("Hi my name's bilal rafi. I'm 26 and I work for Ericsson in Islamabad, Pakistan. I have a...")
franciz ("I am form Pakistan dont know if there are members form Pakistan so if you are may be we...")

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