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Miguel Olivares ("moanic[a]yahoo dot com ")
AmigaPPC ("Not much to say here, but will be back to change this text... soon I hope. :)")
Walter_Olivero ("(Computer Engineer) Network-Database Administrator, Programmmer and Instructor. ")
Neville A. Cross - YN1NCV ("I live in Nicaragua. Some years ago I saw a column in a local newspaper about the SETI@HOME...")
Eljemberth ("Soy de Managua, Nicaragua, vivo en Residencial Las Brisas, tengo la edad de 36 aƱos. ...")
AVANHALEN ("My name is Arturo Eli Tablada F, and I'm a 23 years old from Managua Nicaragua , I have a...")
UngaMan ("Name: Julio C. Vannini R. Country: Nicaragua. Age: 28 and counting... Date of Birth: March...")
gbarberena ("I AM FROM NICARAGUA , I HAVE 23 YEARS")
Eljemberth ("Hello. My name is Eljemberth M. Saavedra Aleman. I\\'m Managua, Nicaragua. I\\'m 36 Years...")
MARCEL TORUÑO ("Ingeniero civil, Radicado en nicaragua ")

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