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South County Explorer ("Trolls will win.")
Sylvain Combes ("Born in France in 1960, i'm Airline transport pilot, captain on Airbus 330. I'm also...")
Lave Vaisselles ("Humain en provenance d\\'Istres d├ępartement des Bouches Du Rhones. Depuis 1985 sur le...")
Christophe O'Connor ("Teacher (french litterature & language) ; I love music (I play the guitar), reading, of...")
Phill ("Phill Hardstaff Senior Support Engineer Secretariat of the Pacific Community B.P. D5 Noumea...")
Fred CHAZAL ("Leave in : New Caledonia (Noumea) Born : France (PARIS) age : 46 year old occupation :...")
LAGALLA Bernard ("Je suis Yoda, Je suis petit et vert, Je suis un maître Jedi. j\\'aime la geurre des...")

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