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Ron Boutmy ("Hallo Ron Boutmy hogeweg 227a 3816 BS Amersfoort ik ben 24 jaar Mijn hobbie...")
Ricky Laplace ("I work for a local company in the computer field and am mostly busy with security policy...")
Reginald ("I'm the Technical Manager at Antillean Network Management and was always interested in the...")
Aric Paulina ("I'm from the Netherlands Antilles. I'm a student planning to earn my bachelors degree in...")
jimy ("01")
rodely francisca ("textSweet_dely ")
Angel van Delden ("I'm a computer technology docent and amateur astronomer from Curacao, a beautiful island in...")
Anthony Glas ("I am from the Netherlands Antilles and i am a full on gamer !")
Shaun Lejuez ("I am from the Caribbean Island of Sint Maarten. Part of the Dutch Caribbean group of...")

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