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rfuss ("I'm a Bachelor of Engineering, undergrad, majoring in Mechatronics at the International...")
kimk ("i'm 15 this year(assuming its yr2003 when your lookin at this) born and bred in S.korea....")
KiaSu ("A 19 years old boy from Malaysia. I'm currently studying in Sepang Institute of Technology...")
BalaJoe ("Hi, I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I stumbled on SETI@home while surfing on the net....")
Charles ("Hi this is Charles from Malaysia, I am male, age of 28 and is a Chinese, currently working...")
skywsc ("Hi, this is WSC, raised in Penang Malaysia. I'm friendly and open minded kind of people. ")
belldandy from pleiades ("An manga/anime-loving fan from Malaysia, who runs SETI@Home exclusively (who couldn't be...")
Khairel Hazri Zulkafli
Aaron51ng ("Andi Wang Din Xin am an Indonesian from North Sumatera, Tebing tinggi. I'm a college...")

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