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Selva ("I am from Malaysia and at the moment staying in its capital kuala Lumpur. I am 54 years old...")
B3n3tHY ("Date Of Birth : 01 August 1983 Place Of Birth : Queen Elizebert Hospital , ...")
Jason ("A university student from Malaysia trying to contribute to humanity by proving to the world...")
tenghong ("just a normal programmer from KL. Totally love programming. now into movie making. Maybe...")
Yuen-Chi Lian ("A software engineer specialized in Java, started using SETI@Home since high school.. around...")
jyluke ("I'm a researcher in Grid Computing and High Performance Computing.")
Putera XP ("Name to be known : Putera* Age : 20* Country : Malaysia* State : Kuala Lumpur* D.O.B : 2nd...")
zam4ever ("As you may notice I am an inventive sort of bloke with varied interests and yes I am a...")
Nutt03z ("Heya I'm from Malacca, Malaysia. I am 20 years old and am a student at Multimedia...")
incognito ("i'm 23 year old male from sabah, malaysia who enjoys having fun and surfing the internet....")

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