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Raymond Steven Kutai (" Mit der Dummheit kaempfen die Goetter selbst vergebens -- Friedrich von Schiller's...")
Spectre Labs ("I'm... 5% body fat 3% brain activity visit for more details ;P")
Celeron300A@450 ("male. not married. chartered accountant. loves working out and the gym. ")
Zac ("From Malaysia, 26 year old computer engineer who likes to spend time tweaking computers.")
Chaudhry ("Originally I am from Pakistan but I worked in Singapore for about 8 years and now I am...")
ulcermel ("Hi, im from Jesselton, North Borneo. involved with some IT solution, basically ppl give...") ("I'm from Penang, Malaysia. Presently studying for a Diploma in Engineering. Keen user of...")
Tan Chee Kian ("Hi, I'm a 24 yrs old boy from Johor. Work in a travel agency at KL. My hobbies are listen...")
winfs Chai ("my surname is chai came from malaysia pahang, when i was 14 year old, i had my first pc...")

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