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disco dan ("I'm a male programmer from planet earth. I like sci-fi stuff. I like game stuff.")
engsp ("Quite interest in finding new form of life.")
Alex Tan Chee Don ("My name is Alex Tan Chee Don. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Architecture at Curtin...")
kentan_66 ("I'm from Selangor, a state in Malaysia. I'm 16 years old, a student and i love to surf the...")
Victor Lim ("Space & what comes with it especially in SCI-FI films are what captivates me the most. Now...")
Jeff Ooi ("Hi, I am Jeff Ooi from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am an IT consultant specialising in...")
Philip Naik
smbd2000 ("I'm Malaysian working as System Engineer. 29 Years old. I like to play badminton.")
thermos ("Hey there! I'm 26 Male, from Malaysia. I'm a clerk with a financial institution. My hobbies...")
Kampung ("hye my name is Kampung, this name know as nickname on IRC and be a channel bots. i'm...")

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