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Fadi Adlouni ("I come from Lebanon, a beautiful small country in the middle east. I'm a Computer and...")
Ibrahim Lahoud ("Corporate identity consultant. 42 years old Living in Lebanon")
Antoun ("Born in 1965 Like music and reading , work as a finance and control director for a...")
Engineer Hisham Saliba ("I am an electrical engineer, i graduated from Oklahoma State University and i am currently...")
phil ("Cosmological synchronization master. Solved the cosmological constant problem. Determined...")
Michel Makhlouta ("late 20's, working in the telecom industry and a constant traveler. Video gamer, sci-fi fan...")
hard ("I'm a simple guy with a tendancy to be near computers. Interested in programming and...")
bushaysh ("I am a 22yr. old Jordanien Student currently living in Beirut, Lebanon earning my degree in...")
Elie Chamoun ("My name is Elie F. Chamoun. I come from Lebanon from a small city named Zahle with a...")
Alain Khayat ("Mechanical Engineering/EDL")

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