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goldan ("i'm from israel i have hobbies")
Ziv ("Hi. I studied math, computer-science and philosophy at BGU university. I enjoy Sci-Fi,...")
Arnon ("I saw SETI@home through a TV show, and decided to check it out. I have it on my computer...")
Pirks ("My name is Michael. I live with my beautiful Wife and my Son in Israel. My Job is NMS -...")
SHARON ("Hi my name is Sharon and i live in Israel and i am a system administrator at a small...")
shimi ("23 y/old. from Petach Tikva, Israel.")
Shaike ("My name is Shai, I am 21 years old while writing this (born 1981) and I am a student at...")
frgdr ("0385406967")
iTK98 ("Powered by Linux Gentoo, Intel Pentium 4 (HT) 3.2Ghz Intel Pentium M 1.5Ghz")
Metalist ("I'm from Israel I just finished high school and i'm in the army now in israel every one...")

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