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emperor ("Looking for my lost father...also known as Mr.Spock")
Cyber Punk ("Hi ! It is not me, It is only a mental projection of my digital self...")
Felix ("Hello to all ! Welcome to my profile ! Awaiting for THE Ashdod.")
nothingmuch ("My name is Yuval, i mainly do programming, but am also into music and cinema (from a...")
On The Rocks ("I am American living in Israel since 1971. At the present time I am living on an kibbutzin...")
gilko ("i amusic")
Jens Richter - Nitzan Schachar ("Greetings to all SETIs all over the world and in the galaxy (`s) far far away ;)")
dolfin ("I'm 18 years old from Israel. My hobbies are role-playing games, Linux and open-source. I'm...")
matan ("Shalom all, i was born on the 17/09/1986 in the northen city of Hifa, later on my parents...")
dnyarri ("Hi. I'm from Israel, 25 years old, I love drums, Motorcycles, Computers, Sci-Fi, Fantasy,...")

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