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Madkat ("I don't care")
Claire ("From France, living in israel from 1978. Past background of E.M technician and scientific...")
bar666_2000 ("Hi country:- Israel bday:- 1/feb/72 sex:- M {and yes sure ;-) } care to know more email me...")
dolby71 ("I don't really have much to say. My name is Nadav, I'm from Israel, and i'm 16 years old. I...")
Sarmung ("i live in israel,and from the hight of my 29 years i observe the life of man. i concluded...")
ChefNano ("I am a 39 years old venezuelan man living in Israel. I am an Executive & Consulting Chef...")
Amit "Lord Arcturus" Kling ("A 16 years old high school student from Israel with a dream - to turn his favorite works of...")
Yoni ("I'm yoni ffrom israel, i'm 16 years old. i love astronomy very much, and i'm about to do a...")
galk ("Just a regular guy...")
Nipi ("Long live IsrAliens")

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