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[IsraAliens] SG1 (ILY INN VVM) ("Alien")
Don Durham ("Israeli")
Steve Morris ("Israeli")
U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E ("Hi my name is Itai I am 34 years old. Got married on May 10th 2002. I am crazy about...")
Moshe Eshel ("Hi my name is Moshe, I love Science Fiction, Music (jazz, Rock, Beatles). I always had a...")
[IsraAliens] Shrink1 ("I'm a Clinical Psychologist living in Quincy, Illinois. I've been a computer buff since the...")
[IsraAliens] PeaB0dy ("In T.O., 29, Computer Geek!! Creator of the Yahoo Group for the IsraAliens.")
MAGIC Quantum Mechanic ("The Quantum Mechanic ")
Keith Moon ("Long Live Rock")
Eric Gur ("BSc in computer science (Haifa University, Israel). Been active in this project since the...")

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