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enCrypt ("I have been interested in all things 'space' and 'aliens' for as long as I can...")
AMH 2003 ("The basics: Originally from Manchester in the UK, I have lived here in the Isle of Man for...")
JimHawkins ("Born: Hampstead, London 02/03/1929 My father James was born 20/12/1865 ! Does...")
PhilAdcock ("I'm from the Isle of Man (between England and Ireland in the Irish Sea)....")
Andy-GD0TEP ("Hi, i'm 39 and i live in a place called Douglas, Isle of Man. I'm an electrical engineer...")
James Hawkins ("Hello, I'm a 36 year old bloke from the Isle of Man. ")
JJ ("My name is Jonathan J (JJ) Gogan. I currently work for IBM and also freelance my services...")
Keith & Lorraine Handley 3 ("I'm 40 years old just moved from Scotland down to the wonderful city of York in England....")
Malcolm ("Isle of Man. Retired. Bought a motorcycle and a computer. Indulging my inner teenager. Back...")

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