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Ali ("")
Nad058 ("I am a 46 year old Civil Engineer with strong computer background and I work in the...")
Arash Partow ("I'm a computer scientist, with interests in Cryptography, Fractal and Computational...")
HUMAN ("BACKGROUND I was born in Tehran/Iran. After the Islamic Revolution I left the country to...")
EhsanT ("I'm from Iran and was born in 25th of October 1978... I like sports, reading, movie, music...")
Imperator ("I am the Imperator I am Iranian, but I live in lovely canada (dripping sarcasm), I'll be...")
Mehran Shesh Baradaran ("I'm 30 years old from Tehran, Iran. I'm a network administrator.")
Vahid Amirfarshinejad ("I was born in Tehran-Iran on September 1965. I studied electronic and I am working as a...")
m_habibi ("I am network Administrator and live in Tehran.I have 28 years old. I hope every wishe that...")
Sami - I'll capture the space ("Hi. My name is Sam. I was born in Tehran the capital of the Iran. I am a university student...")

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