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Sharif Dayan ("I fell in love with Astronomy, after I saw a picture of an observatorium with night sky...")
Edywison ("Hi... I am Edy, and I live in Indonesia. Maybe since young, I watched too much X-Files, and...")
Eru Aquila
Adele Valeria ("My name is Adele. I live on a beautiful island in Indonesia. I'm a 16-year-old student. I...")
Ukaza Perdana ("I'm Ukaza Perdana from Kediri, Indonesia. A CS undergrad, web engineer, finding intelligent...")
Bintang Tondy L. ("Indonesian. 18 y.o. Gadjah Mada University. Science Enthusiast. Interested in Astrobiology")
Nathaniel Evan ("Nathaniel Evan, 17, a student and a future programmer and musician. I live 20km west off...")

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