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Rify ("Ir.DR.Psy.Rd.Lasmono Abdulrify Dyar Birthdate: 15 September 1925 Occupation:...")
Orchid ("Just a little child who saved from Aceh Tsunami...")
Alan ("Englishman in Indonesia")
ifan_slv ("I'm an expert in computer networking, looking for other experiences through the...")
Winta A. Wardhana ("My name is Winta A. Wardhana. I am a high school student. I am interested in E.T. ever...")
ellozius ("HI THERE! HOW ARE U?")
SNEAKERONE ("Damn.. This is supposed to be fun aint it?? ")
Jerry N. Natsir
Samantha and Dayan ("I am Hegelian, have lots of interest about both Astronomy and Cosmology, like to play...")
Reza Mauludy ("Absolute Nerd")

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