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mayans ("Hello out there. Female. Age 36. More to come.")
Wicca Bourdeau ("Space the final there any? I am very curious about space, and i have big...")
DwAN ("Just a boy Hanya cowok biasa")
Abraham ("I am from Jakarta, Indonesia I was born on June 13, 1961 Occupation is classical piano...")
slorde ("ini gua tau harus isi apa")
Eoni ("Hola, soy español y resido en Madrid, tengo 20 años y soy estudiante universitario para...")
IskandarNugroho ("This Is My SETI HOME Site")
sanugrah ("Cool, finding ET as we know we're not alone in this vast galaxy ;)")
John Fenton ("I am an American expat who has lived and worked in Indonesia for over 20 years.")
Indrawanto ("Ola Amigos, E ai tudo bem com voces? Grato, Andrew")

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