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adheks ("Hi... I'm from Indonesia")
Daulat Napitupulu ("I am from Jakarta, Indonesia, 35 years and have 1 boys, working at Japanese trading...")
Edy Susanto ("Crunching from Indonesia, I am interested with everything about space, computer and the...")
solonisch ("I'a webmaster, from Solo, Indonesia. My basicaly is electronic's engenering")
unicorn ("I came from Indonesia , 33 male , Occupation : CEO of PT. Gunacom Hypermedia , a web...")
Yudhy ("Next")
Ary ("Hi, My name is Ary Wahyudi, just call me Ary. I am originally from Jakarta, Indonesia....")
spider ("I'm from Indonesia, and i'm so interesting about SETI. I get College at STMIK PMBI Bandung,...")
Senjaya ("//???")
ide4 ("...")

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