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Dr.T Prakoso ("Degree:PhD in Chemical Engineering, Keio University Japan Age:32 years...")
zulfinho ("I'm just in my 20s. I basically like things that goes beyond our deepest thought.")
jaelanicu ("No profile yet (sorry).")
adhisimon ("i'm establishing an information technology company with some of my friends. the company,...")
Ndhoel ("I like StarTrek, StarWars, Starcraft, anything about star and ET..... I really really hope...")
Marc Bourdeau ("Games, Collector, Movies (Sci-Fi) of course. General Manager.")
Ivan Kurniawan ("Hi everybody I live in Indonesia...")
Riwut Libinuko ("Hi, I am Riwut Libinuko from Indonesia. I finnished my Master Degree in Computer...")
Ailsa ("... mmmh, I have to tell you that I'm not from Mars, I Swear... This my ID card... read...")

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