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Gudmann Bragi ("I am from Iceland, 31 years old, work in marketing and product development of residential...")
Johann Olafsson ("Born: 1953 Occupation: System Admin Hobbies: Woodwork")
Haffi Hobbiti ("Velkomin á síðuna mína. Ég ætla að segja þér aðeins um mig. Ég heiti Hafþór...")
Burton (AH) ("A.ha")
quandasar ("I am from Iceland and work as an it manager for a medium sized company here")
Jóhann G. (Inactive) ("Please Remove")
Bjorn Robertsson ("Unix guy.")
[GM]White ("Im born on 10 of august 1976 in Iceland. HObbies: Space, Tolkien, Star Trek, classic music")
gudjon ("I have still not founded any extraterrestrial intelligence... but I am working on it...")
EinarAgust ("N")

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