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Jose Solares ("I'm from guatemala (it's in central america ;)), 22yrs old, currently working as a net/sys...")
luisguzman ("Hola, me llamo Luis y tengo 29 años, me uni a SETI@home en 1999, espero que mas gente de...")
Osvaldo Sommer ("Desarrollo en Visual Basic Net. Me gusta leer la serie de Dune y la de los Lensman de E.E....")
Nacho ("...")
Boris Martinez ("I am Guatemalan. I work in Mexico as Business Development Manager for Syngenta, the global...")
Juan Jose Garcia Lau ("I almost like al types of rock music, so I also play guitar. I work as a computer...")
Mapr ("Initial Background")
Turbio ("Electronics Engeenering Student.")
EDDY ("Desde Guatemala, Eduardo Argueta, soy una persona normal, incredulo respecto a la vida...")
Enano ("I'm very iterested on inteligence outside this little blue ball.")

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