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msetzerii ("Michael D. Setzer II Computer Science Instructor Guam Community College Currently 41...")
cyads ("I am a sophomore computer systems administration and computer science minor at Southern...")
Anna ("Retired maintainance engineer living in the beautiful South Pacific Island of Tinian. You...")
Brain ("I am originally from Kentucky, but I now serve in the United States Navy out of Washington...")
WordWeaver ("I am William Kochman of Guam.")
jimmyhua ("Age 31, Professional Web Surfer, Computers and RC air. ")
PZ's fan ("Jesus died for your sins")
Fr4nz ("- Well, for starters... I'm 17, currently a college student over at GCC (Guam Community...")
Guam Teacher ("Guam Teacher group is a group of people linked to Guam. Originally, it was teachers at Guam...")
Peter Lacey ("I'm 30 years old and from Rochester, NY. I'm in the U.S. Navy and curently stationed in...")

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