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evil1 ("Ive been working as a network admin for the last few months, slaving away sorting out bgp...")
Charles Robba ("My name is Charles Robba, I am 39 years old, I am from Gibraltar Europe, my hobbies are...")
RockScorpion ("Age:46-- Occupation:Civil Servant-- Hobbies: Astronomy,, Fishing (Coastal and Offshore,...")
Paul Jennings ("I'm a computer science enthusiast, running a software development company in Gibraltar,...")
James ("Just moved from the UK (Chester) to Gibraltar. Used the old seti@home some time ago and...")
Francisco Linares ("Hi there, I'm from Gibraltar and have had an interest in astronomy for many years. I think...")
Gibnews ("All about me I was born in the UK, but came to Gibraltar to install a computer and after...")

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