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faskunji ("I am Java software developer from Tbilisi, Georgia. I like aviation, sometimes doing...")
Givi ("Hello! I'm living in Mtskheta, Georgia. This is very old town more 2000 years. I like...")
Vladimir Pkhakadze ("To me 52 year. I live in Georgia. I work in telecommunication branch.")
Gocha Jibuti ("I am from Republic of Georgia.I am 37 years old, have a wife and son ( hi is 9 years old...")
andro ("I am Andro Menabde. I live in Georgia. city - Rustavi. I am 30 years old. My professional...")
GogitaM ("")
kiki ("hey i am form europe, my favoeite sport is soccer!")
bobby ("I like to hunt and fish all the time. go off road to")
ALEXIS HINNANT ("i am so cool")

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