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Patricio Recalde ("More than 20 years of business experience on multiple positions that summarizes a complete...")
wmbravo ("Ecuador Riobamba Cdla. Retamas Mz C Calle B Casa 6 Telf: 962380")
Santiago Jaramillo ("I´m from Ecuador, South America, 35 years old, I own an advertisemnet agency.")
Galo ("I am a Veterinarian,graduated in UC Davis in California USA and Central University of...")
JulioCrisl ("My name`s Julio Cardenas, 40 I live in Azogues, Ecuador S.A. Computer`s School Director, i...")
Alex ("Hi I'm Alex I'm Ecuadorian 27 years old (1975/05/27)and very interested in anything that...")
lorenasuarez ("My name is Lorena, I am 33 years old, I`m from Ecuador, Guayaquil, I am Systems Engener, I...")
Tarsicio ("I am from Quito, Ecuador, South America, I am 45, I am Biologist. ")
OEcheverry ("qué puedo decirles? tal vez que soy biólogo marino, colombiano pero residente en el...")

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