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m00kie ("Just a married middle aged guy crunching with a great bunch of people at TSWB. Come by...")
Cuban Fighter²³ (" Karl Koch (hagbard celine)22.7.1965 - 23.5.1989 Ich war oft am Ende fertig und...")
Litt Le Cuba
eric ("Still waiting for a signal? Meanwhile, my name is Eric. I’m 25. What about you?")
lubrikator ("Soy un joven de 40 años,técnico en troqueles y aficionado a la electrónica y la...")
]ska[ ("Hi! I'm a student from germany...")
K-DoG ("The coolest dude in the fucking world")
El Fuser ("...")
armando ("I am Telecommunications Engineer I am 58 years old. I like science very much. I...")

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