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tvuk ("Khm.... testing testing 1, 2, 3 testing... is this thing on? It is? Ah, right. OK. I have...")
BodyCount2 ("I'm from Croatia,21 years old, informatic designing student, trying to make some money with...")
Zeeed ("hi...hail overclockers.....->>>")
Mallac ("I'm from Osijek, Croatia, born long ago (about 30 years ago). I'm graphical designer at...")
Peyo007 - [] ("Home city: Dubrovnik Strugling in: Zagreb Country: Croatia Age: 39 Male Ocuptaion:...")
Zeljko ("I was born in the town of Pozega, Croatia, in 1962. My primary occupation is work with...")
Mario - Cakovec ("My name is Mario. I am 23 years old, and I am from Croatia (Cakovec)....")
Stiff i dr. ("Oi! my nick is Stiff and I'm hailing from Croatia (don't You know where that is find...")
nordex ("Nothin' much to say (conspiracy maybe hehhe?) I'm volonteuring for making first human-e.t....")
Dakky & Bosse [] ("Hello, we are group of friends who live in a City of Rijeka, Croatia. Currently...")

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