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pviquez ("I'm a PHP developer in Costa Rica")
Marco Chacon ("I'm in Costa Rica. That's all!")
tito71 ("Soy una persona aficionada a la astronomia, con la firme creencia que no estamos solos.")
Paul ("Ground Control to Major Tom Ground Control to Major Tom Take your protein pills and put...")
MauricioCR ("Amateur astronomer beginner. Currenlty taking my first astronomy course (looking for my...")
Jose Robles
Fabian Blanco ("Computer Network Administrator, sports , 40 y ,Costa Rica , Alien :)")
Juan Carlos Porras ("I'm a Civil engineer from the Costa Rica Institute of Technology Worked as research...")
Josué Ceciliano Corrales ("Soy de Costa Rica específicamente, de San José, tengo 19 años, soy estudiante, mis...")
Pablo Bolanos-Villegas ("Hi, name is Pablo. I am a cell biologist. I am a faculty at the department of...")

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